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Logo Design

A logo is a symbol or a graphic representation adopted by a firm to classify its products, trademarks or the entire organization itself. Logos mostly employ the application of various reasoning techniquesin order to be effective and convey its main purpose of establishing a distinction and recognition from others.
Al Qudrah is consists of a bunch of talented and creative geniuses ready to take every challenge there are. Every artwork is created meticulously to come up with a logo that provokes and resonates.

Corporate Profile Building

Al Qudrah, we understand the difference. Being the premier advertising & marketing firm dealing in branding in Dubai, we understated that a brand is not just a logo, a tagline or a symbol that reflects an idea of the product or the services offered only, it is a living entity – a collection of insights and beliefs that live in the minds of clients.
This understanding separates us from all the other branding firms operating in Dubai, UAE, and makes us your best bet for brand promotion and marketing in the city.

Brand Identity Manual

Brand is not just a mere logo, a tagline or a symbol that reflects an idea of the product or the services offered, it is a living entity. Beyond every superficial emblem is a collection of insights, cultures and beliefs that inculcate in the minds of clients. Therefore, it is imperative to incorporate an effective strategy in establishing a brand,
As a premier advertising and marketing agency in Dubai, we understand that branding is everything. With our experience and expertise in the industry, it makes us more viable in brand promotion and marketing.

Above The Line Advertising

Above-the-line advertising is designed to reach and influence a greater number of mass audience at various levels of engagement. These include conventional media as we know it, television and radio advertising, print as well as internet.  This is communication that is targeted to a wider spread of audience, and is not specific to individual consumers. ATL advertising tries to reach out to the mass as consumer audience.

As one of the most competitive digital and media agency in Dubai, we will make sure that your brand or product will receive the highest engagement and visibility from various audience. We will assign the most effective channel to maximize your company’s capabilities.


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Corporate Collaborations

Establishing a collaborative effort form clients and/or other companies allows us to leverage our creative skills, and improve our areas of expertise. In many instances, we have collaborated on multiple projects with clients, we take this opportunity to easily determine their requirements and specifications for us to execute each process effectively. Through these, we manage to accelerate and improvement our long-term strategies that is mutually beneficial for both parties.
Al Qudrah, as a dynamic marketing and advertising company in Dubai, we always make sure that we deliver the best output that exceeds client expectations. This is our utmost advocacy in maintaining a sound relationship with our clients.

Below The Line Advertising

Reaching your target market doesn’t have to cost a lot, learn the most effective way of targeting the vast majority of your clientele in the most efficient way.Below-the-line Advertisingincludestechniques that capture a focused group of your consumerinstead of a mass audience, it can be in the form ofcatalogs, email marketing, trade shows andsearch engine marketing.More so, it promotes face-to-face interaction with the customers to find out exactly the opinion, impression or perception of the targeted audience.

We strongly advise this approach for companies who would like to make the most out of an effective yet cost-efficient manner of advertising. Al Qudra understands the fact that every company needs a high yielding campaign with lesser expenses as possible.

Branding Analysis

Branding is everything. A Strong brand that conveys message across creates a lasting impression to all your prospective clientele.  Your Brand tells your business’ story, it reflects the entirely of its operations and it measures the quality, trust, and innovations.

Al Qudra’screative team willwork with you to establish your Branding Strategy and to properly position it on the market.To achieve the highest degree of branding, we can deliberate and consolidate our ideas to come up with a strong and compelling branding proposition.

Competitive Analysis

A competitive analysis is a critical part of a company’s marketing plan. With this evaluation, you can establish the unique selling proposition of your product and the leverage you got against your competitors in the market.More so, this analysis is imperative in identifying the company’s opportunities and threats.

Al Qudra performs competitive analysis and competitor profiling to anticipate the unforeseen setbacks of each campaigns being handled and overcome inevitable competitions in the market.

Development And Clustering

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Outdoor Campaigns Design

Outdoor campaigns provide an effective channel for reaching the masses who are always on-the-go. Given the busy lifestyle of the consumers right now, needless to say that they spend most their time outside of their houses.  Outdoor Campaigns target people who doesn’t have an easy access online.Outdoor campaignslike billboards still surround us with a pervasiveness. It confronts every passerby in the all the busy streets of the metro.

Al Qudra will devise the best outdoor campaign plan suitable to your business. This will enable us to gain more visibility and prominence offline.

Positioning Planning

Positioning is a marketing concept that outlines the process of marketing a product or service to its target consumers. It is a thorough branding plan that functions on the consumer with emphasis on consciousness and associations.Al Qudra creates an image for the product based for our customers on its intended audience. We create it through the use of promotion and campaigns. An intense positioning strategy is tantamount to effective marketing strategy. A good positioning strategy uplifts the marketing efforts and helps transforms a person from a prospect to an actual buyer or customer.

Profiling Targeting

Al Qudra implements a systematic process in targeting or segmenting the consumers, first, we determine which kinds of customers exist in a certain place or community through analysis and research.  We select or choose the group that might have interest on the products or services being offered, finally, we optimize our products/services for that particular segment and establish a connection or bond to position the brand properly. Al Qudraunderstands the variations and dynamicity of every group of audiences. We carefully study their behavior to properly create a profile on each group to save time, energy and money.

Quantitative Qualitative Results

Quantitative Research is used to quantify the problem by generating numerical data that can be transformed into useable statistics. It is used to quantify attitudes, behaviours, and/or opinions. Whereas, Qualitative Research or exploratory research is primarily utilized to provide an understanding of subliminal reasons, opinions, and motivations of a certain subject. It us used to gain insights to derive an effective hypothesis for potential quantitative result.
Al Qudrais well verse in identifying both Quantitative and Qualitative approach to produce a quality output. We meticulously identify which technique will be more effective on campaign. Al Qudrawill discern will the method that will be beneficial for the client.

Testing Analysis

Test analysis is the process of looking at something that can be used to derive test information. It not just merely a single action but rather, it consists of many different activities which are executed to achieve a good quality product.

Al Qudrah follows a systematic process in testing all software, mobile app features and other to guarantee a smooth operation and to provide a quality output. We meticulously analyze the System Requirement specifications to identify the details as to where actual testing must commence.

Association Corporate Events

Organizing an event is indeed a painstaking job, more so, initiating a corporate event. Al Qudrahinstigates an interactive, creative and compelling live event including; conferences, media invitations, awards, road-shows, sales and training events and promotional campaigns. We have competent and well-experienced eventsorganizers, creative and technical teams to supervise the entire operations.

We always ensure that we providevigorous, and client-centric service through our high-quality services such as graphic design, animation and video solutions.

Award Ceremonies

Award Ceremonies are an important type of events to recognize the stellar job that a certain person has done to a company or the society. Organizing these ceremonies are very tedious, it needs a meticulous coordinationby all the involved parties from the marketing professionals to other independent events management companies.

Al Qudrah understands the peculiarity of this kind of event, that is why we always embody a personalized approach whilst providing the customer with the best and quality service they deserve. We incorporate all essential elements in events management and make sure that everything goes as planned. Monitoring and assessment are two main key points that Al Qudrah always considers in organizing an event. These helps us to be better and competitive.

Collaboration With Exhibitioners

Exhibitions are done to showcase the latest product or services of a certain company. It can be related to technology, science, medicine, business etc. It showcases various booths that consumers or customers can visit to check everything the business/person offers.

Al Qudrah can help in setting up the best and compelling exhibition for our clients. We collaborate with exhibitioners to gather ideas and to finalize all the technicalities to come up with the best result we could possibly attain. We integrate the


Organizing an event as huge as concerts is something that needs to be dealt with thorough planning and execution. It entails massive productions with intricate attention to details. Since it concerns a huge number of participants, every events management companies must be absolutely careful to avoid misfires and unnecessary complaints.

Al Qudrah will take care of everything for you. We have a dedicated team of competent professionals in the field of Events Management that will oversee everything from start to finish.We will set goals and will further assess to determine the effectivity of the event. We will make sure that all the elements to a successful event will be bestowed appropriately.

Corporate Events

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Media Invitations

Initiating Media Invitations is one of the step that a company needs to consider in organizing an event.  Knowing when the best instance to whether invite or not to invite the media is an important part decision making. There are instances that media can just come on their consensus if they find an event very newsworthy.

Al Qudrah will make sure that your company will receive good number of media coverage or presence to showcase the entire event and to assure that our client’s message is properly communicated.


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Product Launches

Event management of product launches is essential components of the marketing mix of large companies. This is also a determining factor of a company’s survival rate in the market. These launches give the public and the media a chance to hear everything about the product before any negative reviews are given.

Al Qudrahhas been facilitating and managing various product launch events with the biggest names in the industries. We always make sure that we set up all the goal and objectives of the launch for us to be guided accordingly. We then highlight the products’ capabilities and strength in the market while making sure that launch itself will convey the message it needs to portray on its target audience.


Conferences and is a key component of your overall business strategy. Al Qudrah facilitates and manages a creative and innovative conferences for various companies. We deploy creative visual development. Our expertise in meetings and conferences provides worth and flexibility on various situation that may occur. We offer extensive assistive technology thatmanifests an international standard in the industry.

Al Qudrah is not just your collaborative partner in establishing an event, we are also your partner in achieving a high result or output.

Sales Training Support

There are several companies of today are opting to conduct several sales training and support for their staff.  These workshops are designedto sharpen their skillsof the sales support personnel for the benefit of the company itself. Events like Sales Training and Support helps to improve customer relationship and satisfaction, it can increase sales through identification of sales opportunities

As a full-fledge event management company, we encourage every companies to speak with a consultant to verify more about the sales training needs and then we would suggest the suitable workshop and delivery options.

Seminars Annual Dinners

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Promotional Campaigns

Promotional Campaigns entail a series of advertisements using various marketing tools that share the same message and ideas to promote a business or event to a target audience. The typical campaign uses different media resources including internet, newspapers, television, radio, and print advertising.

As a well-experienced Digital and Media Agency in Dubai, we have a deploy effective strategies to properly market a product on both online and offline to able to reach the maximum exposure in the industry.

Digital Media Planning & Buying

Media planning and buying is the process of negotiating, strategizing, and purchasing ad placements. In addition, media buyers normally are responsible for making the initial purchase and will continuously monitoring every activity to optimize performance during the whole campaign lifecycle.

Al Qudrah, as one of the best Media Planner and buyer will place your ads in the most effective and efficient media channels to be able to get the most exposure from its target market/audience. We monitor every ad placements from start to finish to make sure that everything will run as planned whilst proving every client thewinning propositions with the best solutions. We initiate intensive research regarding our clients’ target market then we set our objectives and determine the goal, in this way, we have good relationship with various media publishers on different media types that can cater to all our clients’ media planning and buying needs.


EDMs is proven to be one of the most cost effective forms or marketing strategy, it is very rampant right now in the marketing and advertising world. It allows you to directly convey your messages accross your target audience/market. EDM is important to properly discern the behavioral pattern of your target market, anticipate their needs.

Al Qudrah have created several EDM Campaigns specifically designed to help maximize the marketability of a certain product/service. It is also focused in maintaining existing customer relationships whilst encouraging other prospective clients.

Focused Media Sales

Media is one of the most effective form of marketing and advertising, not to mention that the industry is already subjugated by digitized methodologies, still media is never diluted and being utilized still to capture a bigger cope of target audience.

Al Qudrah always streamlines the best form of media like print, outdoor or cinema depending on the client to maximize advertising revenue. We incorporate an effective strategy to make sure that every channel is being maximized to attain the specified objective and goal.

Google Facebook Ad Campaigns

Facebook is considered the largest and most versatile social network right now. It is an essential marketing tool that gives personal access to the largest number of users the most advance insights and analytics. Whereas, Google is the largest search engine that is being utilized by many to search various things like, webpages, images, videos and a lot more. Needless to say, these two giants when combined will provide you the best platform for any Ad campaigns.

Al Qudrah is well verse in using these two platforms to generate more online traffic to all campaigns. These has always been providing us with the best outcome in terms of clicks and engagement. Through this, we can always assure the marketability and discoverability of every campaign in the World Wide Web.

Indoor Media Buying

Indoor Media buying refers to the negotiation and purchase audience targeted time and advertising space to convey a marketing message.Indoor Advertising is an attention-grabbing, non-traditional and innovative approach to advertising. This is primarily done by placing your ads in your desired venue to get the majorily of your target udience in a captive situation when they can be focused on the ads itself. One way of dealing with this is by placing ads like posters and billboardsin a restroom, lobby etc.where most people are passing by or staying for some period of time

Al Qudrah, as an effective indoor media buyer, we deliver a captive audience by placing restroom billboard advertising in select high-traffic venues with targeted demographics. This is expected to gain more recognition and branding for our clients. More so, we consider as well the formats, pricing rates, demographics, geographic, and psychographics relating to the advertiser’s particular product or key performance indicator for us to properly convey each campaign.

Media Buying & Booking

media buying is simply defined as the procurement of media inventory. Every ads or campaigns need a good place to show its potential and capabilities. A place or channel where it can be seen by its target audience. This is where an effective Media Buyer like Al Qudrah comes into play.

We understand the fact that advertising takes more than making a compelling commercial. It is not enough that it is played, its target audience has to see the commercial to convey the message across. At Al Qudrah, distinguishing when and where an ad should appear, choosing the platform is imperative to make sure that everything will not go to waste. After which, we make sure that best deal will be given to the venue of the ads. We have a strong tie-up with the giants in Media and other networks to assure every client of the best options there are

Media Event

A media event, is an event or activity that is initiated for the primary purpose of gaining attention or media publicity. As widely defined, it may also include any event that is covered or hosted in the mass media like news announcement, a corporate anniversary, a press conference including speeches.

We at Al Qudrah can help you set up a perfect Media Event that will particularly convey your message straight to your target audience. We will make sure that your brand message will gain the right amount of the targeted exposure. Our winning strategies will be imposed to align all necessary actions and procedures.

Media Planning

Media planning entails sourcing and selecting optimal media platforms for a client’s brand or product to use. It establishing the exact and the most cost-efficient media channelsfor advertising.The job of media planning is to determine the best mix of media to accomplishits marketing campaign objectives.A media Planner is important to make sure that a company will be able to maximize its budget and still be able to disseminate the campaign ads through-out its target market and within the campaign lifecycle.

Al Qudrah meticulously generate a plan of execution before making any move. We first define and determine the marketing problem to come up with the best solutions or alternatives. Then we interpret the marketing requirements into achievable media objective. After all these, then we formulate a winning strategy to execute the plan smoothly.

Media Research

Media Research is basically the manner of examining or exploring what segment or form of media that your target market is dwelling most of the time. Through this research, we will be able to know exactly as to where an ad should be placed. The thorough investigation of this occurrences will greatly affect the outcome of the campaign.

At Al Qudrah, we always suggest that an intensive research must be done first to accumulate qualitative and quantitative data, including the psychological and behavioral pattern of the target market towards the product.

Media Strategy & Planning

Media Strategy/Planningis concerned mainly on delivering the right message to all consumers or to its niche markets. Its main task is to identify the characteristics of the media that will be used to deliver the messages, this will be used to influence the behavior of the target audience or market towards the product or service.

Al Qudrah, sees to it that we always get the right blend or the perfect mix of the media that we are going to work with in relation to the behavior and characteristics of the target market. Our research team is very well trained and experienced to discern the proper medium to utilize.

Online Strategy Planning

Nowadays, there are a lot of companies that are struggling to gain online exposure or recognition, this is mainly because of the poor or improper of use their online platforms towards their target market. Online Strategy/Planningis a way of creating a systematic approach through Social Media Networks and other Digital Marketing tools.

AL Qudrah understands the fact that online exposure is very vital in a business especially on this generation where thing seems to be all in the world-wide web, people search for anything and everything in various search engines and if your name doesn’t appear, it’s as if your business is not existing.As a full-fledge digital marketing agency, we optimize the success rate of each company by, providing a winning online plan/strategy, that is, proposing the best tools suitable for the industry, line of business and target market.

Outdoor Media Buying

Buying outdoor advertising is a complex, time-consuming and potentially costly procedure for media buyers, business owners and advertisers to navigate, but if done right, it will provide you the best outcome. It requires an extensive experience and expertise to be able to handle the various marketing challenges that will come along.

As an outdoor expert, Al Qudrahcares about your client’s advertising success that is why, we simplify every process and saves you time by researching the most cost-efficient yet the most effective form of media. We provide media solutions like no other, we dedicate all our productive time is making sure that the media channel will maximize the marketing and advertising potential of your business.

Press Release

Press releases are an imperative element of any form of marketing, advertising and even PR strategy. It is must be short, informative, and compelling documents that entails the company’s product releases and other important announcements. It is considered one of the best widely used form of marketing stint that is being issued whether written or recorded. This information is disseminated to the members of the press or news media for the sole purpose of announcing newsworthyevent about the company or its products or services. This approach is deemed effective because it can roll out to the vast majority of the audience through online or offline too.

Great press release howeverhas to make sure that it captures the attention of the industry in relation to your company’s recent developments. With unparalleled skills and experience, Al Qudrah, has been creating Press releases that evoke and resonate. We always make sure that your company’s merits will be highlighted whilst grabbing the o-attention of the media. We create succinct, direct-to-the-point and grammatically flawless newsworthy articles.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)is the process of obtaining online traffic from search engines. It ensures that a website can be found in search engines using relevant words and phrases. All giant search engines such asYahoo, Google and Bing have primary search results, where web pages and other content are shown and ranked based on what the search engine considers the most relevant as far as online user behavior is concerned. The main goal of each SEO experts is to make sure that the company will be on top of the rank and be visible for the users.

SEO is mainly about proper usage of keywords, Al Qudrah, as one of the SEO experts in Dubai, we are going to conduct an extensive research regarding all the competitive keywords that the users are searching, we will closely monitor every activity just to make sure that we are improving day by day. Integration of proper links and suitable attention-grabbing content will be utilized.


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Social Media Marketing

SocialMedia Marketing refers to the process of obtaining website traffic through social media platforms. It is mainly used to promote a product or services. One of the most distinct quality of social media is the ability to create a community between company and influencerswhilst championing customers and clients through integrating digital communications. More so, Social Media Marketing gives your business the leverage against its competitors in the marketplace.

We, at Al Qudrahcreates winning social media campaigns that will helpincreaseonline traffic and promote your brand effectively through its target market. We plan and systematically execute each step to assure the growth of prospective leads and sales thus, maximizing the earning potential or ROI of your business.

Digital Design Analysis

Digital Design also known as New Media ismostly consists of images, color, layout and typography and motion graphics that is used to communicate compound ideas or concepts and complex narratives. These works are capable of engaging a viewer on multi-levels of interest and experience.

Indeed, Al Qudrah believes in the compelling power of digital design to all the users, it is one of the reasons as to why customers are becoming hooked or interested to whatever they see. This is why we always employs quality control on all digital designs that we produce, we always make sure that it will not in any way hurt the branding of the company, that it will always be aligned with all the campaigns that we are working on.  This analysis enables us to work better with all our clients.

eMarketing Multimedia

Channeling into the mid-90s, multimedia applications were deemed unusual not not widely practiced due to its expensiveness, not everyone is able to avail almost any form of it, however, multimedia is now is changing our everyday nuances. Nowadays, multimedia presentation tools such as video, animations, and games have migrated to the Web, this means more opportunities are widely opened for everyone’s advantage.

Al Qudrah being one of the most competitive digital marketing company, we have been dealing with various media channels for different situations, on different occasions. We manage to implement a systematic perception on the most suitable multimedia platform that needs to be used based on our client’s needs and requirements. We create a winning mix of different channels that we have to come up with a more satisfying result with augmented output.

SEO Analysis & Implementation

SEO-Analysis plays a very important role in monitoring the effectivity of a certain campaign. It increases webmaster’s performance whilst reducing the overhead costs of the company. Through meticulous SEO-Analysis we can easily discover some hidden errors, and keyword density problems, on a website to facilitate the smooth flow of the SEO and enable itself to rank better in the search page.

Al Qudrah will make sure that all pertinent information about the website ranking will be dealt with properly to assure that every campaign will not be diluted and all the effort will not go to waste. We provide independently take all the SEO tests and perform necessary alteration whenever needed.

Social Profile Development

Social profilerefers to individuals’ social characteristics that is used to identify them on social media sites such as LinkedIn and Facebook and others. Profiles entails a user’s characteristics such as professional affiliations and personal information including interests, status, and geographic location. A social profile also subliminally displays vital information that determines the ability to network itself in the industry.

Al Qudrah has mastered the process of creating a strong and compelling social profile that will allow users to be discovered by people shares the same interest as they are or someone that can be beneficial to any kind of undertaking. It is a form of an effective networking and somewhat encompasses company’s brad awareness.

Tracking Analysis Reporting

Gathering data nowadays from the users are quite easy to attain due to all the imprints that they leave digitally. This information must be properly assessed and analyze to filter the ones useful for the company. These data are then being organized and summarized in order to monitor how different performance of the business. Thus, giving the time for the company to draw its next step.

Al Qudrah provides analysis and reports in order to extract useful insights, which can be used to better understand and improve business performance. We been using reliable tools to gather accurate data and provide Tracking & analysis reporting for our clients. These tools are being maximized to measure and analyze various website, app, digital and offline data to gain customer insights.


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Content Creation

Content is King. Indeed, content plays a very important role in the Marketing and Advertising industry. It propels Search Engine Optimization efforts, provides essential support for Social Media, and it generally creates customer loyalty. It’s constantly incredible to have a site that is outlined and outwardly engaging. Nonetheless, even the most attractive site is not complete unless it has top notch substance to coordinate its visuals. Moreover, enclosed in the content marketing are platforms likesocial media, blogging, infographics, and even email campaigns.

Al Qudrah specializes in compelling content creation that fostercustomer retention and loyalty. We produce fresh, compelling, relevant and original words and audio from our competent copywriters. We also specialize for both print and digital platforms.

Website Development

Website Development can incorporate anything from basically programming the information of a site to customer contact, content, security and web server design, online business improvement. It generally extends from making the easiest, plain content to the most troublesome online applications, informal organization administrations and electronic business. Some site engineers consolidate outline into their web building, while others abandon it entirely at coding and composing increase. It is indeed beneficial to concentrate on the plan viewpoints in addition the coding when building up your site. The substance must precisely portray what your administration gives and be adapted towards enticing the site’s guests, with a specific end goal to keep them locked in.

Al Qudrahfacilitates a holistic approach in every website development, literally from start to finish, we make it sure always that all necessary tools are supplied. Our well-experienced development team works on the advanced technology and best practices that enables them to provide proper judgement whenever needed.

Website Maintenance

Website maintenance is essential to any business. Your site is an overall window into your business and it can hugely affect how the estimation of your item or administration is seen. A very much kept up site is basic for ongoing businesses. All organizations require normal site maintenance to pull in and hold prospective clients, maintain web index rankings and present new data.

Al Qudrah believes that A well-maintained website attracts new customers and maintains the interest of the existing ones. A customer-centric website however is pivotal to make sure that all relevant materials or contents are flourishing the site for the benefits of the target market. A company or entity who owns a website must make sure that all pertinent information like address and phone number listings are up-to-dateincluding those of products, services and price lists.

Hosting Services

A Web HostingService is a kind of Internet administration that permits people and associations to make their site open to the public through the World Wide Web. Web hosts are organizations that give space on a server possessed or rented for use by customers, and also giving Internet network, commonly in a server. It must be noted that to avail a Web Hosting service, a domain must be purchased first.

Al Qudrah provides mainly the technologies and services necessary for the website or webpage to be viewed in the Internet. All pivotal information is kept or stored on computers called servers to facilitate organization and security. We make a point that cater to everything that a client needs, virtually everything from start to finish, we can be your one-stop-shop in establishing online presence.


Creativity is mainly defined as ingenuity is the craft of intuition or instinct, from changing the objective posts, all the way to not fearing disappointments. In the advent of technology right now, especially with the birth of Social Media, people are becoming more inclined with visuals. They tend to focus more on posts that displays compelling and attractive art works. Innovative promotions are more powerful in motivating individuals to purchase items than advertisements that just merely consists of inventory item.

Al Qudrah believes that the more creative the campaigns are the more effective it will be, thus instigating success with great output. We are made up of competent, creative and well-experienced individuals in the field of designs who work together for a common goal, that is, to provide the most cost-efficient and effective creatives that exceeds customer satisfaction.

Android Apps

Android application is an area in which Al Qudrahis experts of. Android holds the larger part of contribution in the quantity of aggregate mobile applications everywhere throughout the world. The experience we have picked up as in the android application empower us to provide customers with perfect applications that work on numerous gadgets with no difficulty. We have made various android applications with our clients. Our specialists have increased thorough information about making flawless applications on the android stage considering each basic required by the customers.
Al Qudrah have profoundly prepared android application designers who are experts in the utilization of center Java. It engages us to create adaptable, fast, progressed and significant android applications without fail.

iOS Apps

iOS Apps is a portable working framework made and created by Apple Inc. solely for its equipment. It is the working framework that by and by forces a large portion of the organization’s cell phones, including the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. It is the second most well-known versatile working framework all around after Android. iPad tablets are likewise the second most famous, by deals, against Android since 2013.

Al Qudrahis a full-fledge iPhone application that represents considerable authority in building custom applications for our customers. While we make a wide range of applications, our forte is in the kind that accomplish an option that is as opposed to offer something. We need clients to end up put resources into the applications we make and make them a fundamental piece of their daily lives.Our competent group of developers are well-experience in creating iOS apps that’s resonates development and satisfaction.

Android, iPad, iPhone Games

Al Qudrah is a versatile game application developer who can help you in improving the current profitability of your organization through applications. Game app has been gaining popularity now specially to all Millennials who uses this kind of platform in a daily basis whether free or paid. Game application from iPhone, iPad, and Android iPads are indeed the best way to showcase not only your company’s competence but also its ability to adapt to changes.

Moreover, we cater for both Android and iPhone games. We use top-of-the-line technologies to cater to our clients growing needs. We always make sure that our creations will exceed the customers’ satisfaction whilst considering the current trend in game application. We conduct extensive researches every time to make sure we are on top of our game.

Interactive Games

Interactive games are mostly preferred nowadays to have more fun exploring the concepts of games. Tt constitutes more creativity and realism in every aspect. This games are deemed to be more appealing to gamers and earning a huge appreciation globally. These games allow a two-way flow of information or interaction between a computer and a user, it tends to respond to a user’s input.

Al Qudrah takes pride in creating interactive games and we are proud to say that we have been dealing with various clients regarding it. Our meticulous rendering of research output lead us to improving our skill in terms of interactive games.

Corporate Gifts

Corporate events are being conducted almost every day in various places, be it a press conference, annual gathering, employee appreciation, and others. In these kind of event, one thing is never missed out, that is, the corporate gifts.

Al Qudrah offers an exclusive range of products for promotional gifts for all events, occasions and campaigns. More so, we customize gifts and incorporate design concepts according to customer preference whether. We collaborate with clients to make sure that every detail of the item will be in accordance to what is agreed upon.  We have built an undisputable reputation in the field of corporate gifts over the years. Through this, we have established strong relationships amongst our clients.

Audio Productions

Radio voice over as it is widely defined, is a production technique where a voice is utilized. Voice-over is being done by reading from a script and may be spoken by someone or by a specialist voice talent. Voice over is very rampant nowadays and are being used not only for radios, but also for advertisements, audio books, podcasts, internet videos, or event audio guides.

Al Qudrah as the leading full-fledge media production agency, we cater to providing voice over for radio. We own the most advance technologies in voice recording to come up with a quality narration suitable for all our clients’ needs. We conduct various auditions depending on what the client prefers, this is done to make sure that the right-fitting voice will be placed.

video and animation

Animation is basically an art of drawing sketches of object shown in a series of frames with an illusion of moving, this is normally recorded in a video. Whereas, videos are usually made using a video camera. This is used to capture a still or moving objects or scene.

Al Qudrah supports over thousands of digital creative worldwide. We housed the most creative minds to come up with a compelling animations and videos. We cater Whiteboard & Explainer Videos, Editing & Post Production, Animated Characters & Modeling, Lyric & Music Videos and animated logos. Our expertise is what made us well-known in the industry. For us, the combination of updated software and artistic interventions are best combination a client would ever need to an agency.